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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Exclusive: Michael Kors Talks IT Bags, Fashion Fame And Studio 54

Michael Kors Bag Interview

The inimitable Michael Kors has successfully turned the company he founded in his New York apartment in 1981 into a billion dollar fashion empire. His trademark shades and year-round tan have made him one of the world’s most recognisable designers, but, he says, ‘fashion fame is nice fame. It’s not like celebrity fame where you can’t step outside without being followed by the paparazzi.’ 

Adam Toren: 5 Philosophies That Will Help You on Your Path to Success

The ability to create success is the product of a unique combination of skills, mindset and abilities that you can tap into again and again to achieve your biggest dreams. That’s an important thing to remember because each journey of success in your life will evolve. Many successes will be started, some will end, but more often they will morph along the way, because success is never a final destination.

Apple 'fake factory' raided in China

iphone 6
A factory which allegedly made up to 41,000 fake Apple iPhones has been raided in China, with nine arrests.
The operation reportedly involved "hundreds" of workers repackaging second hand smartphone parts as new iPhones for export, with counterfeit phones produced worth 120m yuan ($19m).

Friday, July 24, 2015

Apple warns of data corruption on latest MacBook Pro

MacBook on display
Apple said the fault can corrupt data in "rare cases"
Apple is warning users of its latest MacBook Pro about an issue with the laptop that may cause data corruption.
The tech giant released a firmware update on Wednesday to fix a problem on the laptop's flash storage component.

Tiffany Amber Revamps Website with Launch of SS15 Campaign & Style Blog

IMG_4208 copieWe are loving the newly revamped Tiffany Amber Nigeria website and the SS15 campaign even more! The brand is serving up freshness that has us pretty excited. Folake Coker, the brands Creative Director is also set to launch a style blog – “Tiffany Amber the Woman”, a blog that captures the essence of style in every aspect of the word…We cannot wait!
View more photos from the SS15 campaign below:

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sugary drinks 'harmful even for slim people'

  • 22 July 2015
  • From the sectionHealth
Fizzy drinks often have added sugar
Having regular sugary drinks may increase the chance of developing type 2 diabetes, even for slim people, researchers say.
And they suggest that cutting down on sugar-sweetened beverages could make a dent in the number of people developing diabetes in the UK.

Apple Watch: How many have been sold?


Still doing well. It sold 47.5 million in the three months to 27 June, up 35% on this time last year. The total is down 22% on the previous quarter, but that's largely because consumers know Apple is about to release a new model - probably in the autumn - so many will wait until then.

Martha Edwards: Parents & the Career Choice Process

When I was about to enter into the university, I was going through the courses available in my school of choice with my dad. He stopped at marketing and said: this is a very good course, you should go for it. Me? Marketing? No way. Daddy asked why? “Have you forgotten I’m the worst mathematics student on earth I asked?” His reply was: “you can survive it.”

“I had a very important role to play in changing the perception of African fashion” – Deola Sagoe on “My Nigeria” Documentary for ELLE South Africa

Deola Sagoe - BellaNaija - July2015
Veteran Nigerian fashion designer, Deola Sagoe is a force to reckon with in African fashion, and in an interview with ELLE South Africa, she tells us why.
Featured in the publication’s “Women in Society” section, they talk to the womenswear designer on her anticipated cameo in a six-hour documentary – “My Nigeria” by Al Jazeera – which heralds the “energy of Africa’s most complex and populous country.
In the interview, ELLE SA writer – Jabulile Sopete talks to Deola on her involvement in the series, what sparked her interest in fashion, what she thinks the documentary will do for African women in fashion, what’s next for the Deola Sagoe brand and more.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Funke Shonekan: 7 Valuable Points to Note For Successful Networking as A Start Up

Attending a networking event may fill you with dread, especially if you’re not a naturally confident person, but in order to push your business or even your own career, it is essential that you harness the skills to communicate and navigate the world of networking to become a success. Networking events provide us with the opportunity to meet like-minded people and market our business more naturally than by advertising.
Here are a few points to note for successful networking as a start-up:

Warwick Law School Student Awarded Queen’s Young Leader Award

Postgraduate student Nkechikwu Azinge was this month recognised as a Queen’s Young Leader in the inaugural awards in Buckingham Palace. The awards were presented by the Queen of England, Queen Elizabeth II, to 60 exceptional young people from across the Commonwealth, who are taking the lead in their communities and using their skills to transform lives.

Meet the CEO who is worth $820 million but lives in a trailer

A CEO with a net worth of $820 million has opted for the simple life by living in a trailer park instead of a mansion.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Rory Cellan-Jones:Amazon’s profitless path

Jeff Bezos at an Amazon launch
Twenty years ago today Amazon sold its first book, created the first online book store and went on to become a hugely profitable internet superpower. Today it's celebrating that anniversary with Amazon Prime day, 24 hours of special offers which will be the biggest day of e-commerce the world has ever seen.

Peculiar Okafor: The Superiority of Snubbing All Things Nigerian

It was a friendly lunch when someone mentioned the ‘Neo’ character in the matrix, the conversation took a unique turn and I said ‘I really didn’t like that movie. Watched all the parts but I slept off for most of it. Just remebered some scenes to be socially correct cos then you couldn’t say you didn’t like the matrix.’

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

One Reason Our Brains Love to Procrastinate

Sometime around 2006, two Harvard professors began to study why we procrastinate. Why do we avoid doing the things we know we should do, even when it’s clear that they are good for us?

'Softener' may help kill cancers

It may be possible to "soften-up" cancers before hitting them with chemotherapy drugs, researchers suggest.
A study, published in the Cancer Cell, uncovered how tumours can become resistant to commonly used drugs.

Are You Currently a Foreign Student in the UK? New Law States You Will be Banned from Working & Forced to Leave Country When School Ends

UK immigration laws just got stricter.
According to Daily Mail, foreign students are to be banned from working while studying in Britain. Also, when their courses end, they will have to leave the country before reapplying to return for a job.

Video of baby wearing glasses for first time goes viral

A Cincinnati woman’s video of her baby daughter trying on glasses for the first time has gone viral.
Jessica Sinclair posted the video on Facebook, which shows 10-month-old Piper resisting at first, then breaking into a big smile when she sees her family’s faces clearly for the first time.

Monday, July 13, 2015

$1million reward offered for stolen Judy Garland slippers

An anonymous donor has offered a $1 million reward for credible information leading to the pair of Judy Garland's sequined, ruby red slippers stolen from a museum in her Minnesota hometown.

R.I.P… Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away

The gaming world has lost an innovator.
Satoru Iwata, president of Nintendo, has passed away at the age of 55, CNNreports. The cause of death was a bile duct tumor.
According to the report:

Thursday, July 09, 2015

3 Questions Real Leaders Aren't Afraid to Ask Themselves

Many leaders believe they know everything. They demand respect, micro manage their teams and bark out orders.
Such individuals are not great leaders. The best leaders earn respect, empower their teams to act and ask questions.

Amazing! Beyonce's body made into an architectural design

Beyonce's body has been made into an Australian skyscraper by a design firm. Famed design firm Elenberg Fraser has the greenlight to erect a 68-story building in Melbourne ... which it says copies Beyonce’s form in her “Ghost” video.  

The firm says the Bey tower design isn't just for show, it actually makes sense structurally. The final product will house 600 apartments and a hotel.

Even Microsoft is giving up on Windows Phones

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella with former Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

Windows Phone is all but dead.
On Wednesday, Microsoft gutted what was left of its handset business by announcing it will cut another 7,800 jobs in the division and take a $7.6 billion writedown on its 2013 acquisition of Nokia.

Cars Should Have Collision Avoidance Systems, Says NTSB

Collision avoidance systems have helped make air travel safer, as signals alert planes to a pending collision and take appropriate action to avoid a crash. Now the NTSB is calling for the addition of similar systems to all cars and commercial vehicles, hoping to prevent thousands of injuries and deaths each year.

Your Plastic Waste Are About To Become Shoes!!!

German sportswear maker Adidas is planning to make the ultimate eco-friendly footwear. The company has created the world’s first shoe from plastic waste found in the oceans.

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Half a handful of nuts a day 'reduces early death risk'

"A handful of nuts can save your life, says new study," The Daily Telegraph reports after a Dutch study found a link between daily nut consumption and a reduced chance of dying from a number of chronic diseases, including cancer and heart disease.

Building Extraordinary Women! Tiffany Amber Nigeria Unveils Mentees for ‘Women of Vision Mentorship Programme’ in Partnership with Diamond Woman

Lead Picture
Nkiru Adekoya (Business Partner & Board Member, Tiffany Amber Nigeria) Ayona Trimnell( Divisional Head, Corporate Communications Diamond Bank), Folake Coker (CEO Tiffany Amber Nigeria) & Aishah Ahmad(Head of Retail Banking, Diamond Bank)
On Monday 22nd June 2015, Tiffany Amber Nigeria in partnership with Diamond Woman, held a pitch session at The Wheatbaker, Ikoyi, Lagos to kick start theWomen of Vision Mentorship Programme.
The pitch session was an avenue to select mentees who will be mentored by the 2014 Tiffany Amber Women of Vision. Over 700 entries were received, and out of those, 60 applicants were selected to attend the session.

Chima Onyewuchi: What Do You Do in Transit?

Generally, people in Lagos spend more time in transit than any other state in the country. This is largely as a result of the traffic situation in most parts of the metropolis. The word traffic has become quite synonymous with Lagos. Most Lagosians spend a lot of time getting from point A to B as a result of this – for some, it could be as much as four hours on a daily basis.

Why Programmes Are Repeated On Pay-TV

Around the world, pay-TV audiences sometimes complain about programme re-runs, preferring to be served fresh content every time. Legitimate preference. But it is the nature of pay-TV that programmes are re-run. In an era of 24-hour programming, multichannel and multimedia broadcast, it is impossible not to repeat TV content. 

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

University of Ibadan emerges best Uni in Nigeria and 8th in Africa

 University of Ibadan has been rated the best university in Nigeria and the 8th in Africa, according to a new ranking of 1,447 African universities and higher institutions, using research publications, citations from 2010 to 2014, as well as visibility on the Internet

Has science finally cracked the secret of eternal youth? Study finds some people can halt - and even REVERSE - the ageing process during their thirties

It seems like something from the realm of science-fiction.
Some people can halt – and even reverse – the ageing process in their thirties, scientists say.
A team who measured the effects of getting older on nearly 1,000 men and women found that over a 12-year period, three of the participants had shown no deterioration
They had biologically aged zero years, and had even begun to look younger. These people may hold the key to developing what would in effect be a fountain of youth, say the team from universities in Britain, the US, Israel and New Zealand.
While some cheated the ageing process, however, others were found to have aged biologically by three years for each calendar year.

Victoria Beckham Covers Vogue Australia | Talks Being a Working Mum, the Power of Positive Thinking & More

Victoria Beckham is easily one of the most influential people in fashion.
The 41-year-old businesswoman and designer is the cover star of this month’s issue of Vogue Australia and in it she opened up about The Victoria Beckham brand. She also talks about juggling a successful career in fashion, a family and the pressure of constantly being in the spotlight.

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